End of an era in Indy

The Indianapolis Colts are releasing Peyton Manning after 14 seasons, 54,828 yards (3rd most all-time), 4,68 completed passes (3rd most all-time), 399 touchdowns(3rd most all-time), 198 interceptions, 11 Pro Bowls selections, 8 All Pro selections,  a record 4 NFL MVPs, 141 wins, and a Super Bowl championship.

NYC could be coming up on an All-Manning takeover.

That doesn’t talk about the classic match-ups against the Steelers and Patriots.  It doesn’t consider the Colts’ absolute dominance over their division or their twelve consecutive trips to the playoffs.  It doesn’t consider the stadium, Peyton Manning’s performance built that brought a Super Bowl to town.

Quite simply, he was the best quarterback ever to play the game.

I hope he goes to either the Cardinals, the Jets, or the Dolphins.  Peyton’s never had a receiver like Larry Fitzgerald.  Who wouldn’t love an all-Manning New York?  At the very least, it would be awesome to see Brady and Manning face off twice a year.

Could Peyton's future be throwing TDs to 'Fitz'?

Anything but the AFC West.  Leave my Chargers alone! 😦

(Peyton Manning Image from:  http://www.femalefan.com/2012/01/watercooler-chat-osu-wins-fiesta-bowl-colts-make-changes/.  Larry Fitzgerald image from:  http://sports.espn.go.com/sportsnation/news/story?page=freezeframe42.  Eli-Peyton image from:  http://behindblondiepark.com/2010/02/05/eli-manning-says-peyton-has-a-bad-delivery/.)


Author: therealkenjones

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