Gotye’s All-Time Great Rebound Song

I just happened to hear this song called Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye and it was stuck in my head all day.

Now this is the more waaaay more popular cover by Walk off the Earth.  I don’t know how they even came up with idea of  performing it this way.

I usually give the lion’s share of the credit to creators, but Walk off the Earth has the better version.  Sorry, Gotye.  😦

Anyway, this is Gotye’s original version.  Nothing to hang his head about.  I do think he owes Peter Gabriel and Sting a check each for the style swipe.  Still, it’s a very cool song.


Author: therealkenjones

writer, artist, wannabe photographer, recovering Southern Californian...

3 thoughts on “Gotye’s All-Time Great Rebound Song”

    1. I never realized it was a cover. I thought that WAS the song. Then I heard the actual song on the radio and, while I think Gotye’s a better vocalist, I still had to stick with the remake as the better overall version.

  1. Last night was the first time I’d ever heard either version. Both are compelling performances.

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