The Lunatics Run the Asylum

Richard Lugar

Dick Lugar’s ouster as senator of Indiana marks the beginning of the end of this Republican party. He lost by nearly 20 points–well over 100,000 votes–in a primary…in Indiana.  It was a blowout.  You couldn’t fit the difference in an NFL stadium.

He lost to Indiana state treasurer, Tea Party extremist, and 3-time congressional seat loser, Richard Mourdock.  Mr. Mourdock is a liiitle bit out there.  He defines bipartisanship as “Democrats coming around to the Republican point-of-view.” (If you’re a Republican, imagine a Democrat saying the reverse of that.)  He pledges no compromise on anything at any time for any reason.

He is an automatic candidate for 2012 Fool of the Year–and he may still be a 4-time congressional seat also-ran.  He is extremely vulnerable in the general election.  Obama won in Indiana in 2008.

Lugar was the longest-sitting Republican in the senate.  He’s a mainstream conservative.  He’s respected among his peers.  He had status.  He chaired committees.  He specialized in foreign policy and arms control.  He would consistently beat Democratic challengers by 30 points in general elections, in a purple state (he won his 2006 senate race by over 70 points.  70!).  He was 80 years old and very near the end of his career.

So why couldn’t the Tea party crowd wait to give him the boot?  It wasn’t because he was too entrenched (which he was) or that he was out of touch with voters (which he wasn’t, nationally speaking).  He went down to defeat because he is one of the few Republicans willing to cross party lines (on rare occasions) and work with Democrats to get substantive things done.  Specifically, he worked with Barrack Obama to help prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of despotic regimes and terrorist organizations.

Not even Tea-Baggers are against locking down nukes.  Right?  Right?  Wrong.  Lugar committed the deadly and unforgivable sin of working with Barrack Obama for any reason, even a noble one.  Because to these whack-jobs Barrack Obama’s divine logos inverts that of God Almighty: a thing is evil because Obama says it is good.

Senator-elect and 2012 Fool of the Year nominee, Richard Mourdock

Super-PAC groups like the NRA and Freedom Works buttressed Mourdock with oodles of money and propelled him into victory on the pledge that he will never compromise.   This would push the Senate toward the same sort of intractable gridlock currently paralyzing the House of Representatives.

The general electorate tends not to favor people like Mourdock whose mindsets make the government even more ineffective.  He’s is the kind of guy who thinks programs like Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional.  And he promises, as senator of Indiana, to stand in uncompromising opposition to the president Indiana voted for in 2008.

It’s a key element of the divide between the extremists controlling the Republican party and the rest of America.  It is the kind of disconnection that dooms the party to failure.  Mainstream conservatives will look elsewhere–albeit not to Barrack Obama–if their needs aren’t being met by the Republican party.  They’ve proven it.  In conjunction with extreme positions on women’s reproductive rights, immigration, corporate subsidies, tax cuts for the rich, and LGBT marriage rights they’re pushing away all but a small minority of closed-minded Americans.

So please spare us the false equivalencies.  This is something that is happening in the Republican party.    And it’s something they need to deal with.  Otherwise, it’s a recipe for failure now and in the long term.


Author: therealkenjones

writer, artist, wannabe photographer, recovering Southern Californian...

3 thoughts on “The Lunatics Run the Asylum”

  1. The GOP is simply shooting their party in both feet and knees. I’m looking forward to the marvelous political theater of hearing Mitt Romney endorse the Log Cabin Republicans & gay marriage. This is gonna’ be a fantastic year!

    1. Honestly, I’d be interested in seeing what the Democrats would do with a super-majority(an actual possibility)…if money was out of politics. I think a big Democratic win is only going to expose the rampant corporatism on their side as well. We caught a glimpse of it in 2009-10. Once the Republicans took control of the House in 2011 the Dems were able to go back to “tagging along” while pretending to drag their feet.

      I think the fall of the Republican Party is only clearing the way for the official ALEC (Party.

      1. Although it’s been quite some time (15+ years) since I’ve actively advocated the issue, I have promoted the idea of a common pool into which any, every, and all could contribute with unlimited abandon – which, as we have come to understand, is considered by the SCOTUS as a type of free speech. However, as you know well, Ken, the problem with equating money with free speech, is that the poor man has none, and is therefore a violation of the Constitutional provision of equal protection under law as ensconced in the 14th Amendment.

        More to the point, however, the common pool would be established and managed by the Federal Election Commission and others, as appropriate, with all monies distributed equally to every candidate in every race. So, in practice, promotion of the ideas and campaign skills of the individual and their team would be on display, as would the natural corollary of promoting the process, rather than discouraging it. In other words, if there were 15 candidates and $15Million, each candidate would receive $1Million. As well, debt spending on campaigns would be eliminated, and in fact, it would be well for the Congress & FEC to specifically prohibit such campaign indebtedness, for it only breeds unjust political favoritism & cronyism.

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