Bizarre Encounter

There’s this guy I know…

He’s the younger brother of a high school friend.  He now lives somewhere in the general vicinity of where I live.  He’s fallen on hard times since our school days.  He’s usually high, drunk, or stinking of booze whenever we bump into each other.  Nevertheless, we’re cordial, though I haven’t talked to him for longer than 5 minutes at any one time in my life.  He’s the proverbial “hello” around the neighborhood.

Anyways, I was just on a walkabout in crappy ass Fresno, corralling my thoughts, when I ran into said acquaintance.  As I was walking past a nearby convenience store parking lot, he was pulling into it–driving the most beat-to-shit early 1990’s Honda Accord I’ve seen in quite some time.  He got out, said hello; we shook hands…then he saw an overfilled garbage bag–like a homeless dude would have–sitting amongst sparse bushes under the convenience store sign.   He abruptly strode over, took the bag, and put it in the back seat of his car.  Then he nonchalantly entered the store, leaving me standing there without so much as a farewell.


What just happened?

Where the F*** is my trash bag?! I LEFT IT RIGHT HERE!!!

What was in the bag? Drugs?  Money?  Garbage?  Some poor homeless guy’s stuff?

I wouldn’t trust my acquaintance with my product if I was a dealer…of any kind.  Besides, who would leave anything of value just sitting out there like that?

Was he expecting that bag to be there?  Did he just see it and think, “ZOMG, I could use one of those!”

Baffling.   I’ll have to remember to ask him about it the next time I run into him.

Anyway, it was weird.  Just thought I’d share.

Free.  Thought.

Author: therealkenjones

writer, artist, wannabe photographer, recovering Southern Californian...

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