Hidden Gem: DubFX

For years, DubFX–a.k.a. Benjamin Stanford–buttered his bread via odd jobs in his native Australia. Meanwhile he dreamed of giving it all up to make music.  So finally, he turned in his dish-washing apron and hit the streets in pursuit of that dream.


He began a world tour as a street performer using a looping generator and his considerable beat-boxing skills to perform his songs live.

These street shows are his strong suit.  They display his talent while giving us an intriguing glimpse of his roving and seemingly adventurous lifestyle.  But what comes through the most in his work is his passion for music, life, and the opportunity to live his dream.  It radiates throughout his music. The only thing missing is the promotion.  To me, that’s what makes DubFX (and his girlfriend/partner in crime, Flower Fairy) a hidden gem.

Unfortunately, some of Stanford’s passion is lost in his studio work and supplanted instead with technicality, which he shows us on his independently-released debut album, Everythinks A Ripple.  He probably needs an experienced producer to capture the energy of his live performances.  On the upside, however, he did release a collection of his street performances aptly titled Live on the Street.

At any rate,  I like it.  Hope y’all do, too.