Men For Women (and other goofy ideas)

I’ve got to put up a little fight for the male feminists (…fe-man-ists!).  I know some people will be turned off by the word feminist because it has been demonized by the Rush Limbaughs of the world.  And, as happens with many social-activism movements, the radical element is now in the driver’s seat–partly because, rather than standing their ground, reasonable people walk away when the lunatics start screaming.

" I would soo rather be collating TPS reports right now."

But the feminist movement wasn’t originally about male-bashing or even forcing women int0 the workplace; it originated to liberate women from being confined to homemaking, discrimination and harassment in the workplace, being unable to explore and express their sexuality, and the stigma of coming forward about rape and domestic violence.

I’m in favor of that kind of feminism.  And I believe a lot of other men are, too. (We have got to stop letting extremists set the agenda.)

Besides, there is more to this than gender equality.  It’s about separating ourselves from stereotypes.

I feel like women have several ways of doing that.  Sure, some have been corrupted and others have been defamed and we have to take those expressions back.  But Men don’t really have much of anything.  And we have as many societal pressures as women do–they are different, obviously and men’s issues don’t really involve empowerment, but they exist all the same.

Now–to be fair–I enjoy sexist jokes as much as racist ones.  I’m not “offended” by these stereotypes and I don’t think they should be eliminated from the media or any such goofiness.

I would just like the argument made that this is not representative of all guys–just dumb, misogynistic guys.  Because there is a distinction.  Almost every adult male in my social circle who has children is actively involved in raising his kids, in roles ranging from baby-daddy/baby-mama drama to the traditional nuclear family; there are even a couple of single fathers in there.

Naturally, the women play a central and active role, too.  I’m just saying these are good boyfriends, good husbands, and good dads–good guys in general, NOT the sex-crazed, functionally incompetent, troglodytes beer addicted, co-ed conversation allergic men portrayed on network sitcoms and Carl’s Jr. commercials.

All I’m asking is, where’s the pink ribbon for the good guys?

Only not a pink ribbon so much as an energy-absorbing, platinum dragon-scaled battle-gauntlet, but you get the idea. 🙂