The Subtle Genius of Susan Enan

Susan Enan is a favorite of mine as a singer and a songwriter.  Her music is definitely in the Sarah McLachlan vein as they actually collaborated on a song called Bring on the Wonder, which appeared on Enan’s 2009 debut album Plainsong along with a differing version on McLachlan’s 7th studio album, Laws of Illusion.  I like Enan’s version better.  Anyone who knows how big a fan I am of Sarah McLachlan understands what high praise that is coming from me.

Sarah is definitely more polished and has a greater range, but that’s actually the charm of Susan Enan.  Her music is intimate and introspective.  It’s honest and sincere.  She’s one of those performers where I find that almost every note is beautiful.

My favorite song is probably Bird (although it could just as easily be Bring on the Wonder).  But Plainsong is good start to finish.  It’s one of those albums you can just let play.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Susan Enan is that she does a house concert tour.  The entire tour is made up of her putting on shows at fans’ homes.  I’ve been trying to get her to do a show here in Fresno (She says I’m on the list, so I’m crossing the ol’ fingers and toes).  I don’t think I’ve heard of any other artist touring like that.  She’s been doing it for the last couple of years and just recently brought the tour to an end for awhile.

Susan Enan house concert.   Eugene, OR,  2010
Susan Enan house concert. Eugene, Oregon 2010

She still sounds interested on continuing the house concerts though.  I really hope she does, but if I have to go to a bar or a club or an arena to see her, I’m there.

(P.S. If this is your type of thing, other artists to check out include Miranda Lee Richards, Shayna Zaid, Ingrid Michaelson, Cat Power, and Great Northern.)

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