San Diego’s Greatest Rapper

The music scene in San Diego is robust but it’s not much of a rap mecca.  Anyone familiar with San Diego is probably surprised to learn there are any rappers out of San Diego.

His stage name is Wax and to be fair he’s originally from Baltimore.  It’s a fact I’m conveniently choosing to ignore.  He’s a phenomenal lyricist, one of the best out there, in my humble opinion.  Plus he’s a musician in his own right.  He has a twin brother who is similarly talented but isn’t as productive.

For those harkening back to my post on Immortal Technique, Wax is not that type of MC.  At all. There is no social relevance in Wax’s music; it’s all absurdity and fierce lyrics.  He’s much more in the vein of Eminem (due to content not skin color!).  His underrated producer EOM crafts tracks that fit Wax’s style seamlessly. What you get is a lyrically inventive head nodding underground sound that could work in almost any era of hip hop.

It’s funny and irreverent and I think it’s great.

Hope ya’ll do too. (There’s swears and potentially offensive subject matter in these vids, just so’s you know.)

Wax freestylin’ in the Sentra:

Wax and EOM (off of the Eviction Notice mix-tape):

Wax singin’ and rhymin’ at a live show: